Bound By His Blood

Bound By His Blood Summary

Investigative reporter Sheridan Aames is hot on the trail of a lethal drug flooding Boston. She never expects her snitch appointment to end in a hail of bullets aimed at her…or to learn the sexy detective who rescues her is actually a vampire cop.
Logan McCallister knows there's something special about Sheridan from the moment he wraps his arms around her and mists them to the safety of his house. He's instantly attracted to her, drawn almost against his will to her spunky, vivacious nature.
As a Dominant, McCallister is accustomed to subservience, instant obedience, and sensual submission. Despite her interest in the big detective, Sheridan isn't into any of that and doesn't mind telling him so.
Except she can't quite shake the compelling need pulling her toward him, the desire to kneel at his feet and see what comes of such an act. 
As they battle their conflicting sexual desires, their investigation reveals a bigger — and more dangerous — threat to each other and mankind.
Will Sheridan find the will to submit to Logan in order to save humanity?

Bound by His Blood is an erotic paranormal romance intended for readers 18+

Approximately 280 pages.

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