Lady in Red

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Bullied and battered as a child, Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident, Brandy Alexander, a sexy, high-class call girl. With a select number of rich and successful clients and a jaw dropping income, Kate feels like she’s living her dream being desired and bedded by some of Australia’s most powerful and influential men. But she has one rule. Don’t fall in love. Except the more time she spends with her favorite client Blaine Waymann, the more she fears he might be the one man who could topple the perfect world she’s built.

Billionaire philanthropist Blaine Waymann is determined to break Kate’s rule. He wants exclusive rights to Brandy and Kate, in bed and out, and is willing to risk everything to win her body and her trust. But when Kate starts opening her heart to Blaine, she faces an agonizing decision. Run like she always does, or stay with the man she not only lusts after, but loves.

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Really interesting read4 star

I wasn’t sure I would like it at the beginning but it turned out to be not only a sexy and sweet love story but also about desperation and control because that’s all they feel they have. It’s also about true love and the difference it makes.45


Lady in red5 star

Really enjoyed this book very detailed couldn’t stop reading55


Fun read5 star

I would have to stop reading but wanted to keep on. Could not wait to pick this up again. This book just kept making me feel so great. Loved reading it55


Amazing4 star

This book was very interesting. It kept my interest the whole book. I can’t wait to read more from this author.45


Not the best...1 star

Storyline was a bit weak....I lost interest before chapter 2. But not the worst I’ve read.15


"Pretty Woman" type story4 star

"Lady in Red" by Mel Teshco is the story of Kate Matthews and Blaine Waymann. Kate was battered and bullied growing up. She transforms herself into a high class escort, "call girl", known as "Brandy Alexander". The most important rule Kate has to follow is "don't fall in love with a client." Blaine is a billionaire who is one of Kate's favorite clients. He wants exclusive rights to her, "Brandy". Kate doesn't want to be put in a position to where she is dependent on one person. She wants to maintain control. Blaine is willing to go to extremes to try to convince "Brandy" to allow him exclusive rights to her. Will Kate, "Brandy", take a risk with Blaine? Is Blaine really willing to go to any extremes to convince Kate, "Brandy"? This is a spicy and steamy read. The story line is very similar to the movie "Pretty Woman". Along the way there were a few surprises. Not everything was as it seemed. FYI, contains mature content. I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.45


A Great Sexy Read4 star

A great sexy read for Valentine's Day. Kate, now known as Brandy, has lived a life where she was bullied and battered and now has transformed into an elite high paid call girl. She has serviced Blaine, many times. He now wants to take it to the next level, as a couple. Brandy has a lot of trust issues but Blaine will not give in easily. Great character development, I really felt for Brandy. A real page turner that I could not put down. I highly recommend this book.45


Complex Plot, Nice Ending!4 star

The Lady in Red deals with a shocking plot. Why do women sell their body? Do they all have different reasons? Interestingly Kate does it for the control and the feeling of being desirable. Is she able to give up that power for something that might be better..... The first part of the story was a little hard for me, but when Mel got to the reasons why Blaine and Kate were alike and how they could better each other together I enjoyed the story. Received an ARC for an honest and fair review.45

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