Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation Summary

At seventeen-years-old Grace Morgan had managed to live through what would be the worst day of her life. Three years later she finds herself in the beautiful, small town of Sunset Bay, South Carolina—a perfect place to start her life over. This is where she meets the bestest friends she will ever have, and one cocky, sexy former Navy Seal who makes her heart beat faster. Right when things start looking up, the worst day of her life comes back with a vengeance, ruining the peace she has finally found.

Sawyer Evans loves women just as much as they love him. His philosophy is: the more the merrier, with no strings attached. But all that changes the day he meets a sweet, beautiful blonde baker with sad amber eyes, who smells like cupcakes. The only girl who isn't affected by his good looks and charm, or so he thinks.

When Grace's life is threatened, he will not only protect her but also prove to her that his heart is bigger than his ego.


This is Book two in the Men of Honor series but can be read as a standalone. 

Book Reviews


Best book!5 star

You have to read all books in order, but this was by far my favorite story out of the series!55


5 stars5 star

My favorite book from the whole Man of Honor series!55

jonah com

Sweet temptation5 star

I just smiled my little face off at the end of this book!! ☺️ it had the best ending ever!! Loved it!!55


Ridiculously hard to put down5 star

This writer is the best of all. Her books have been so captivating. I laugh I cry I get angry as I’m moved through each scene attached to every emotion. I enjoyed every minute of this book.55


Wow be ready5 star

I’m not one to leave a Review. I read that a lot in the reviews. But I mean this one! I paid for this book and I tell you what I can’t wait to start the next. I just bought it. If you have not read the first book start there. This Book had me laughing and crying at the same time. I love books that don’t leave you hanging. But can draw you in to the next book. You will not be sorry if you buy this book! All of them for that matter. Now I’m off to start book 3.55


Wow5 star

Grace's story pulled at my heart. The whole time I was reading this story it reminded me of the movie waitress and to know the author created such a beautiful story from Waitress is amazing. I definitely recommend this book, but have some tissues near by because you're going to need them. ❤️❤️❤️55


LOVE LOVE LOVE -must read!5 star

I have re-read this book so many times! This whole series is one of the reasons I fell in love with reading. KC Lynn grabs you by the heart, makes you laugh, cry and swoon over some of the most amazing characters you will ever read! Sexy Sawyer and Grace have a timeless love that I can't get enough of!55


My favorite honorable man5 star

This series is great. Sawyer is so lovable and the story unfolds beautifully. I am moving onto the next book.55


I LOVE this series!5 star

Please keep going with these characters and this series!! I think you could make a tv show out of this, it's so intriguing and I'm in love with every one of the characters and their incredible love stories. Love!!!!55

Carribbean Queen

Sweet Temptation5 star

Two thumbs-up for this book in KC Lynn's HEROES SERIES. This young lady has definitely become my absolute favorite erotic romance/suspense authors. Her creativity gives readers the best of both worlds! Keep the hits coming ... Woo Hoo!! //EOF (mkplatinum2013) ... 🍰❣55

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