Booty Boys

Booty Boys Summary

Hard-boiled, hard-bodied black British private eye Alton Davies can't believe his eyes or his luck when he finds muscular African-American gangsta rapper Banji-B lounging in his office early one morning. Alton's disbelief - and his excitement - mount as Banji-B asks him to track down a stolen videotape of a post-gig orgy in which his homeboy, the notorious laydeez man Karamel, plays a starring and revealingly man-pleasing role.

Alton has just twelve hours to catch up with the thief: exotic dancer Champain Blue. And while the rappers cruise the London streets in their twenty-foot Caddy, hungry for sex and distraction, Champain keeps one well-lubricated move ahead of an increasingly stretched and desperate Alton. The tension is mounting as time - and Karamel's reputation - ticks away.

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