Lady Victoria Ashford has a naughty secret. Several, in fact. First, she has no interest in marrying the man her mother has hand-selected for her, no matter how desperately her mother insists upon it. Second, she has a secret passion for Matthew Corwin, the cool and commanding Earl of Sussex who sees Victoria only as the sister of his childhood friend. Third, she is the infamous author of deliciously wicked stories for an underground sex journal. When a blackmailer threatens to reveal the proper young lady behind the decadent stories, Victoria adds a fourth secret to her list. In a desperate plot to find some pleasure before succumbing to the unwanted marriage, she dons a mask and exchanges places with a whore for one memorable night of passion with Matthew. He is everything she craves. Controlling. Commanding. The perfect dark master….

To My Readers: I’ve always loved heroines who aren’t what they seem and heroes who exude power without trying. Tori’s secrets and daring threaten everything she holds dear and only Matthew can rescue her. But will he give her his heart, as well?

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