Madeleine Wakes

Madeleine Wakes Summary

His wife flirts with other men — and he likes it

Madeleine Finnell's new therapist has suggested that a little more flirting in her life might help her beat her debilitating depression.

When husband Hugo finds out about her new approach, he watches from the sidelines as she flirts with other men—and they flirt back.

To his surprise, Hugo enjoys seeing this sexy side of Madeleine come alive, and their marriage benefits from her improved mood—and libido. But what if Madeleine is tempted to take things too far?

And why is it such a thrill for Hugo to think of his wife in the arms of another man?

The first book in a classic hotwife erotica trilogy -- The Madeleine Trilogy -- from the author of 'His Week With My Wife'.

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