Naughty Cheerleader Collection I

Naughty Cheerleader Collection I Summary

Three hot, sexy erotica stories from John Waylon. All three stories share a theme: hot and horny cheerleaders getting down and dirty in a very explicit manner. Everyone is of the age of consent, and how they consent!

Warning: Explicit consensual sex, girl-on-girl, and seductions.

This collection of three stories is approximately 17,000 words. It is the perfect ménage a trios of erotic cheerleader stories when you need something hot and steamy to de-stress and enjoy.

Story 1 - Naughty Cheerleaders: Lip Service

Simone is the sexy head cheerleader at her college, a senior, and wants to make it the best year ever!

Head cheerleader, Simone Simmons takes great delight in giving all new athletes a very special welcome. On the first day of her senior year, the gorgeous redhead crosses paths with the new freshman quarterback, Charlie Jones. To her surprise, he puts STUDYING above getting to know her better! Something that’s never happened to the sexy 21 year old before. Swinging into full seduction mode, the Naughty Cheerleader seeks to pull the stud, out of studying.


“Hey, big boy,” she said sultrily. Simone turned slightly, so her upper body was in profile and thrust her chest out. She knew what Trevor liked. Breast man. “I’m done with classes for today. You want to come up to my dorm room and start our Senior year out right?”

That brought a big smile to his face. The thought of making love to Trevor made Simone all hot and tingly inside. She squirmed under his intent gaze, and watched his eyes drop to her rather large breasts. Her cropped off team jersey barely covered her, and paired with snug low-rider jeans and red stiletto pumps, she was the epitome of the sexy coed.

Story 2 - Naughty Cheerleaders: Something to Cheer About

Parties and losing go together like athletes and honors classes.

Seeing their team down and out over a loss at a post-game party, sexy college cheerleaders Heather and Lacy know what they need to do to pick up the team's flagging spirit. It's a full-on blitz as these generous girls give the team "Something To Cheer About".


“Wow, this party totally sucks,” Heather Haney whispered to her best friend, Lacy Loveless.

“Yeah, it’s the first team party we’ve ever attended after the football team lost,” Lacy said, glancing around with a worried look. “Everyone is so sad, it makes me want to do something to cheer them up.”

“Me, too,” Heather said, and smiled big. “But we’re cheerleaders, so cheering men up is what we do best.”

Story 3 - Naughty Cheerleaders: Going Down For the Team

Heather and Lacy, a pair of wild, wicked, and naughty college cheerleaders, are shocked by the disparaging comments of a rival team’s quarterback. They hatch a plan that only two oversexed coeds could think was rational, and go hunting for the hunky rival the night before the big game. Will they sack the quarterback, or will the rival team run up the score on them?


That broke the trance. Heather came to her senses, or pretty close, anyway. She unwrapped her leg from around him, pulled his hands off her body and stepped back. Heather had to take a deep breath to compose herself. Todd looked like he was about to pounce on her, eyes locked on her full Brazilian. She graced him with a wicked smile full of promises, and tugged the skirt back down.

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