The King's Nursemaid: Collection 1 (Naughty Nursemaid Tales)

The King's Nursemaid: Collection 1 (Naughty Nursemaid Tales) Summary

This is a Bundled Collection of Naught Nursemaid Tales. The King's Nursemaid: Collection 1.

Book 1: The King's Nursemaid
Clara was hired to nourish the King's bastard son Angus. She was glad to be free of the confines of peasant society even if that meant she was a glorified cow. One night the King comes to visit her to sample her delicacy which alters her entire purpose at the castle. Warning: This story contains 5,300 words of consensual sex and lactation between adults depicted as 18 years or older.

Book Two: If It Pleases The Court
Clara's breasts are for the King and Queen and whomever they choose. She has been seeing to their every need for weeks, their personal Nursemaid. Just as she becomes comfortable she is accosted by the King's Mistress, a fierce and hungry woman. Clara is the subject to the King and she must do what she says. Even if that means serving whomever he chooses! This is a separate and complete work.

Book 3: Her Royal Unveiling
This is a complete work in a trilogy. Clara just the nursemaid for the Duke, the one he wants to sample. She stumbles from a reckless encounter with him into a party filled with people who want to taste what she has to offer. Warning: This work contains 5,600 words of lactation sex, sex in public situations, group sex, bisexual, straight and gay sex in a medieval setting.

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