Wild with My Brother's Girlfriend! Collection

Wild with My Brother's Girlfriend! Collection Summary

I was shocked to find out from his girlfriend that my brother didn't believe in pre-marital sex. I didn't have any such reservations, and apparently, neither did she!

All three books in the saga are together in one boxed set! You get:

I needed to study but I also needed some companionship. Any companionship. Suddenly, my younger brother's sexy girlfriend came busting into my room. She wanted to know if she had a nice booty! Oh, yeah, and she wanted me to make her a woman in exchange for making me a man! And who was I to resist such a charming offer? Especially when she had taken the bull by the... uh, horn...

I still can't believe that my brother doesn't make love to his girlfriend... But hey, his loss is my gain. And I'm looking to gain a lot, this weekend! Especially since she's up for trying new things...

Now that I knew my brother's girlfriend and I would be having sex again, it was just a matter of when. His weekend trip out of town for work or something, at the same time as our parents, would provide the perfect opportunity... Only Mom's not feeling well. Thankfully, her BFF... our sexy MILF neighbor, Hazel... comes over and nurses her back to health, just in time!

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