The Gemstone Chronicles Book Two: The Amethyst

The Gemstone Chronicles Book Two: The Amethyst Summary

Aidan and Maggie’s father kidnapped, a giant guards the Amethyst, and the human world and Celahir tip ever closer to evil!

In Celahir, the magical land where the Light Elves and the Dark Elves live, the four gemstones of the Elven Bow have been stolen by the Dark Elves. Without those gemstones, the barrier between the human world and Celahir is deteriorating and the balance between good and evil in both worlds is tipping toward evil.

Aidan, Maggie, Nana, and Beebop recovered the first of the gemstones, the Carnelian, with help from their Light Elf friends during their first trip to Celahir. Now, the stakes are even higher when the elves return to the human world to ask for help recovering the second gemstone, the Amethyst, and the humans discover that the evil elf Naesse kidnapped Mike – Aidan and Maggie’s father!

The humans, accompanied by Aidan and Maggie’s mother, Laura, return to Celahir to rescue Mike and recover the Amethyst. All they have to do is defeat the giant that guards the gemstone…

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