Check Your Privilege

Check Your Privilege Summary

Living into the work is a lifelong journey of self discovery. It requires self-interrogation, unlearning racist patterns and behaviors, and re-learning a new way of being that requires us to shift our mindsets and trust the path forward. In a society that promotes perfectionism, anti-racism work is made tougher, paralyzing those of us who want to do better with worry, that we might make a mistake. This is the byproduct of patriarchal, white supremest cultures that value the work of the individual above all else; in contrast, Check Your Privilege values the collective, knowing that this vulnerable work requires us to lean into interdependence and imperfection. Check Your Privilege requires all of us to pause, making time for self-reflection and connection through relationships in order to move forward. In this book, five social activists offer a window into their journeys of Living Into the Work. Learning from their relationships with anti-blackness, white supremacy, privilege, and discrimination, we feel empowered to brave the next step on our our Check Your Privilege journeys.

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