Dating: Body Language Basics

Dating: Body Language Basics Summary

Based on ex-FBI special agent Joe Navarro's book, What Every Body is Saying, this booklet takes you through the most important nonverbal behaviors of dating and relationships. These have been distilled from the latest scientific research to show what people universally are honestly feeling, thinking, and possibly intending. This quick guide will help you decipher the body language of both friends and lovers with extreme accuracy. Within these authoritatively written pages you will find information which will give you a unique insight into human behavior and may even help you to foresee events before they unfold.

Book Reviews


Good book on dating!5 star

This book takes you step by step in context of dating. It teaches you how to read your partner and what various facial expressions mean. Highly recommend!55


Rather Useless2 star

The book goes on and on about what we use our respective body parts for, but fails to tell us what to look out for or how to interpret gestures, reactions, and micro expressions in real situations. For example, it drones on about how we use our eyes to express fear, anger, sadness, excitement, etc... But we already know that. Just as we already know that a clenched fist means anger. Or a drooping eyelid means disappointment or sadness. But how about actually giving us something we can use? Like what to look out for when someone is lying? Or when someone is intimidated? Or bluffing? Honestly, there are better books out there in this regard. I was very disappointed with this one. I still give it two stars because it was relatively short and didn't waste too much of my time.25

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