Finding Peace Without All The Pieces

Finding Peace Without All The Pieces Summary

Finding Peace Without All The Pieces offers suicide bereaved what was not available to the author, LaRita Archibald, after her son ended his life in 1978. LaRita uses lessons learned from her personal grief experience and decades of work with suicide beraved to provide a framework for understanding and managing the unique complexities of suicide grief, empowering bereaved with the reassurance that what they are experiencing is normal for what they have experienced. LaRita aacknowledges the compounded trauma: the fact of death plus the cause of the death..the fact of suicide. She addresses the concept of 'choice" and describes 'flashbacks' and 'phantom pain'. LaRita normalizes the complicated grief response following suicide and suggests how emotional, physical, societal and spiritual conflicts can be resolved in a healthy, hopeful manner..

This book includes anedotes of bereaved impacted by the suicide of a spouse, a parent, military suicide, murder-suicide and multiple deaths and how the survivors worked through their grief and learned to love life again. LaRita offers practical suggestions for protecting the marriage after a child's suicide, helping bereaved children, life insurance, self-care and doing the grief work that enables tereaved to grow from being a victim, to a survivor and, eventually, to a thriver..

'Finding Peace Without All The Pieces' is a book that every bereavement counselor should have in their libarary and every suicide bereaved will find hope and healing within its pages. It is written as if the author was gently speaking to the reader offering comfort, empathy, extending reassurance that a loved one's suicide IS survivable and the promise that "there will be a time when you won't hurt as badly as you do today...even a time when you will feel joy and love being alive again."

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