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2018 Ho Tactics Savage Edition - iTunes Edition~

From G.L. Lambert, the bestselling author of Solving Single comes the most controversial book of the year, Ho Tactics: How To MindF**k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring. This step by step guide reveals the inner workings of the female player, those women who use the art of seduction to secure a life of luxury. 

New Updated Chapters take the reader on a crash course on how to gain power over the opposite sex in a manner that any woman can pull off no matter her perceived shortcomings. There is a phrase in today s culture that "Hos stay winning", and for the first time those secrets are revealed in this all-encompassing How To manual. Become a Sugar Baby without giving up Sugar!

For those who are feed up with dating below their potential or looking for insight into the male mind, Ho Tactics breaks the cookie-cutter formula of relationship books, and offers life changing techniques that you can apply today. Strong women don't need men, but men need strong women, learn how to unleash that desire and conquer your love life.

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My mindset has changed5 star

As a young woman who has been on several dates and engaged in a variety of relationships from casual to traditional to sugar dating, this book has completely changed my understanding of men, relationships and actually receiving the kind of treatment I’ve been rattling my brain to obtain . No more settling, no more feeling guilty/shame, and no more relinquishing power and giving my prized possession out of fear. I have been awakened and truly feel empowered by the knowledge in this book. I highly recommend this book for every woman no matter your relationship status or goals. Ladies, it’s time to LEVEL UP55

Nadeena G

Lambert never disappoints5 star

I’ve read almost all of their work and this one is my fave when I’m inbetween “solving single” and “men don’t love women like you” When I’ve just left a relationship and desire a different kind of partnership. Or simply for the entertainment. You don’t realize how much power you have until you unlock it with this book.55


The HO-ly Grail !! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽5 star

This book is EVERYTHING!!!55


Ssshaee5 star

Amazing book!!! Period!!!55

Amy Meditate

Proof that women are gold diggers.1 star

Men are the real romantics, they don't judge based on money or status...women do. All know this to be true, if you protest otherwise, you are simply deluding yourself. Women's imperative is HYPERGAMY. This book proves that. The author is too ashamed to even publish their name on these manipulative tactics.15


Get it5 star

Very very interesting book. Different mind set than me, but I always felt like I wasn't settling for what I deserve. Just wanted to see life through another pair of eyes and I sure did. I practiced a few techniques on guys I wasn't really interested in (for practice) and I was "pulling", not for money though. Although I can't say I would never do it for money, cause I might one day. The truth is men Always flaunt money and offer it to me but my mentality of I can do it myself blocked a lot of money in my life. I used this book to look at those things differently and not in a "I'm taking the easy way" by actually taking the gifts and money from men, but as compliments. Anyways it was a good read. Take what you need from it.55

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