Between the Lines

Between the Lines Summary

Is accepting a troubled past safer than embracing an uncertain future?
Sophie Holland, quiet and unassuming on the outside, is lost in the shadows of her fiancé, Travis Turner. It's the same place her troubled past hides.
With her thoughts and ideas longing to escape the protective shell she's carefully built, will the quiet southern charm of Pigeon Grove and its residents provide the nudge Sophie needs to help her dreams take flight?
To his family and friends, thirty-year-old Mason Shaw appears an open book. Unafraid to bare his emotions, few people know Mason has secretly buried the guilt of a decades-old decision, which still haunts him.
Can Mason overcome childhood demons to find his place in the world, or will the return of Travis, his high school archrival, threaten to destroy everything he believes... about fate, the pursuit of dreams, and love?
Trust, of self and others, hides in that fragile space between holding on and letting go...

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