No Forever Like Nantucket

No Forever Like Nantucket Summary


Mae Benson was born to run the Sweet Island Inn. She cooks, she cleans, she laughs, she makes a mean pot of coffee and she always knows which beach to recommend to her guests.

But suddenly, that way of life looks very much in danger.

On what was supposed to be a happy day—the day her boyfriend Dominic gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him—Mae discovers that a collective of out-of-towners with bad intentions intends to usurp her business by building a competing hotel right down the street.

And she’s not the only one floundering.

Other mysterious out-of-towners are bringing troubles of their own for the Benson clan—including an anonymous offer to buyout Sara’s ownership of Little Bull restaurant (with some very strange strings attached).

Holly’s childhood friends arrive back on Nantucket for a tumultuous high school reunion with plenty of baggage in tow.

And Eliza, meanwhile, is doing her best to keep her head above water—even as the anxieties she thought she left behind threaten to drag her beneath the stormy waves.

Catch up with the Benson family in this sweet, clean women’s fiction novel.

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Book Reviews

Mary Ward Taylor

Sound Familiar ?4 star

Familiar plot: Woman trying to make it in a small store/shop/bakery/restaurant /inn, (choose one) while being threatened by larger business. Women friends, mothers, neighbors, and new love interest help her to survive. As with the other similar books, it is a quick read with a predictably pleasant ending.45


Family5 star

The story is about the Benson’s. Each one is going through a crisis. Then in the end the realize if they’re together everything will work out.55


Loved5 star

I loved this story of 4 women and there lives being torn apart and coming together as a family!! Really written well. Can’t wait to read more from Nantucket!!55


Great novel5 star

This was great. I was tired of overly syrupy books with too much sex. Cheers!55


Great Book!5 star

Well written but a follow up book to this one would be fantastic!55


Good story line4 star

Just a little depressing. Good characters, good story line.45


An easy read but kind of far fetched4 star

Not bad, especially since it was free, but somewhat unbelievable. Who in their right mind would sign an agreement to sell their successful business without an attorney or other representative present to explain what was going on? Mergers and acquisitions aren’t so simple.45

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