A Fistful of Charms

A Fistful of Charms Summary

The author of the bestselling Dead Witch Walking makes her hardcover debut with this spellbinding new supernatural adventure featuring the highly original Rachel Morgan.

Things are going well for Rachel Morgan, witch, independent runner, and one-third of the runner service Vampiric Charms. She’s got a business, friends, even a semi-regular—and always-sexy—boyfriend. So what if Kisten is a vampire? So’s her roommate Ivy....

But an unexpected call for help sends her out of Cincinnati on a desperate trip to rescue the son of her business partner Jenks. It’s fun at first, even with dealing with a human-sized Jenks (you cannot believe how much trouble a 6-foot pixy can cause, especially when he looks like a supermodel...), but the road trip quickly turns dangerous when confronting an old love becomes a fight for survival. 

For seeing Nick Sparagmos again is the least of Rachel’s problems--the ancient, mystical statue he has stolen holds the key to sinister, wild magic that can change humans into Weres. And for the first time in milennia, the Were packs are banding together to overthrow human and Inderlander alike. The fight that follows will shake Rachel’s very soul...and she will never be the same.

Book Reviews


The Whining Witch2 star

My brother recently turned me on to this series and, overall, I really enjoy them. However the whining tone of Rachel in this volume was extremely grating. Every other page she is calling herself stupid and second- guessing her actions. She whines incessantly about the "black on her soul" even though Ceri has done much, MUCH worse and has shown she is still redeemable. Hopefully in the next book Rachel will make peace with herself and her actions and give up the soap-opera personality.25


Amazing!!5 star

I loved it! I was surprised with a lot of her decisions and the way she's evolving thru the books, I can't wait to read the rest, I'm buying the next right now!55


Fist full of charms5 star

This is one of the many books in the series that is so exciting it make you want to read it so fast. You just can't get enough.55

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