Ember and Stone

Ember and Stone Summary

A Game of Thrones meets Throne of Glass in this new epic fantasy about a healer turned assassin.

Ena never hoped for a peaceful life. She never dreamt she’d become a killer either.

★★★★★ - “The story is as good as Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, or Song of Ice and Fire…Ena is a surprisingly inspirational creature and she will keep you turning the pages.”

★★★★★ - “An amazing book! …fast paced and perfect for SJM lovers.”

★★★★★ - “OMG. This book was absolutely brilliant. Fantastic.”

★★★★★ - “The characters are flawed and fleshed out beautifully…a smooth and unforgettable read!”

Ilbrea: A country mercilessly ruled by the seven Guilds where commoners struggle to survive—no one knows the cost of survival better than illegal healer Ena Ryeland. Ena is offered a life of freedom and a chance to fight the Guilds. But she can’t win the battle alone…

A myth to guide her journey.
A brother she thought she’d lost.
A ghost to steal her fear.
A man to steal her heart.

An impossible enemy. A hope for freedom. Ena is the only one with a chance of fighting the Guilds—if she can survive long enough to try.

“David fights Goliath that will pass the Bechdel test!” – Amazon Review

Ember and Stone is an epic fantasy perfect for fans of Maas and Bardugo. If you’re ready for an epic love story, crave a dose of magic, and need an adventure to carry you away from the ordinary, join Megan O’Russell’s 350,000+ satisfied readers. Download Ember and Stone and begin your journey now! Full series now available!

Book Reviews


Good5 star

As far as stories go it has all the things you want…including leaving you wanting more55


Great start!5 star

This series is off to a great start. Ena grates on my nerves a bit but at least she’s not perfect. I’m curious what her brother is hiding from her. He’s apparently well known among the locals. Liam is an interesting character and the chemistry between him and Ena is thick. I’m enjoying Ena and Finn’s friendship. He brings some much needed humor. I’m looking forward to seeing what role Ena has in bringing down the Guilds.55

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