Fear University Series (Books 1-3 + Novella)

Fear University Series (Books 1-3 + Novella) Summary

Sink your teeth into this series with an original twist!

In an Alaskan prison, safe behind towering walls and watchtowers, you will find an unusual college. The students learn the art of killing monsters. The professors spin harrowing tales of a secret war. Guards walk the fence with guns and throat guards.

And at night, the dorm cells slam shut and remain locked until morning.

Because at Fear University, the night is the most dangerous time of all. The darkness has teeth, and it loves it when you tremble.

Perfect for fans of paranormal romance and academy fiction. The Fear University Series combines spine-tingling action, swoony romance, and hair-raising monsters into one epic series.

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This bundle contains:
Fear University
The Killing Season
Monster Mine
Tick Tock Massacre (a stand-alone novella)

More books in the Fear University series:
Paper Tigers
Dead Man’s Stitch

Book Reviews


Exciting From Cover to Cover!5 star

One of the best series I’ve read! I enjoyed every book so far and I’m looking forward to reading the two that aren’t included in this bundle. The action is great and kept me interested through out! I enjoy the hero is a female and the storyline isn’t too mushy, like books with female heroes can be. The details in the book made me feel like I was there and could “see” everything that was described without being too Zane Gray-like.55


Fear university4 star

Enjoyable read with interesting plot and characters.45

Avid Reader QC

Fresh and Ferocious5 star

These books are dark and compelling. Hope is hard to find. Heroism mixes with brutality. The monstrous world of Fear University is somehow fresh and ferocious.55

Old Coqui

Fabulous5 star

The first three volumes were some of the best writing I’ve had the pleasure to read in awhile. You were held spellbound for every page and the Aswangs were a fantastic basis for an entertaining read. I managed to complete over 900 pages in three days and when I was finished was looking for more.55


Fear University Books 1-3 + Novella5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed these stories. Very graphic but kept up the interest factor. Well thought out and face paced. Characters easy to get to know and relate to.55

math wizard

Lessons5 star

An interesting series of books. Ollie meets Luke and Hatter as she is walking home from work. Her life is about to change radically! This society is having to fight a war with creatures who have two sides to life. During the day they look human but at night they look like wolves/ unusual dogs. The creatures feed off fear and eating their victims. They have one tell which is the sound the emit. Follow the story of Ollie who feels no pain and her growing relationship with Luke. The Fear University is run by Dean who really has some issues but he is really focused on Ollie to the point of wanting her dead. Learn about her past, Luke’s past and the possible future for her and aswangs. There is a certain amount of violence in this story but the story line is good and there are plenty of twists and eye opening surprises. I did enjoy the trio of books and I recommend this book.55


Amazing5 star

I absolutely loved this series! It’s such a great series I would definitely recommend this series to other people!55


Unlikely Yet Compelling5 star

Book 1: Unlikely beasts, unlikely victim, unlikely school, unlikely friends. Book 2: Unlikely love, unlikely castle location, unlikely murder mystery. Book 3: Unlikely monsters, unlikely leader, unlikely heroin. Novella: Though hinted at in all the novels this story was in itself strangely as compelling. The whole series peopled with vivid characters & dramatic fight scenes as well as human strength, heart & soul55

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4.5     660
Fear University


Fear University
4.5     110
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Bless Her Dead Heart
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