Food Wars!, Vol. 1

Food Wars!, Vol. 1 Summary

Soma Yukihira's old man runs a small family restaurant in the less savory end of town.  Aiming to one day surpass his father's culinary prowess, Soma hones his skills day in and day out until one day, out of the blue, his father decides to enroll Soma in a classy culinary school!  Can Soma really cut it in a school that prides itself on a 10 percent graduation rate? And can he convince the beautiful, domineering heiress of the school that he belongs there at all?!

Book Reviews


Great!5 star

Love the art style. Very good manga. Must read.55

Lady luna1

Piss off1 star

I buy this book hearing how good it is but every time I try to get it on my I pad it never downloads and I can never get it off it to try agin the second book came in just fine but book one nop nothing !!! update book still will not load15


Really?!?!1 star

Why buy this book when you can see it in manga starter pack on iBooks15

Alex Gamergirl

To much1 star

Why would I buy a book for $7 on iBooks if I can get it at BAM for 13 so dumb.15

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