Hinky Chicago Omnibus 1

Hinky Chicago Omnibus 1 Summary

Meet Jewel Heiss, fraud cop for the city of Chicago, enforcer of the Hinky Policy: "Don't ask, don't tell, cope." One day she busts a hot con artist for "curing frigidity in women" and accidentally releases an incubus from his "treatment bed." Her life will never be the same.

Meet Randolph Llew Carstairs Athelbury Darner, third Earl of Pontarsais, alias Randy...the demon in the bed. One day he's an ordinary English lord, displeasing his mistress in bed. Next, she's cursing him, turning him into a demon, and binding him to the brass bed they're lying on. "You don't get out of the bed until you satisfy a hundred women!" Fast forward two hundred years...and Randy meets Jewel.

Meet Clay Dawes, soft-hearted con artist. He thinks it's his unbeatable charm that keeps his customers coming back for more "frigidity treatments." By the time Clay knows better, he's already met Jewel. And now he can't walk away.

HINKY CHICAGO OMNIBUS Books 1-2-3 contains the first three books in Jennifer Stevenson's Hinky Chicago series: The Hinky Brass Bed, The Hinky Velvet Chair, and The Hinky Bearskin Rug. Dive in and get hinky!

Praise for The Hinky Brass Bed:

"More fun than pillow fighting naked! Jennifer Stevenson's brass bed kept me up all night and left me smiling in the morning. I can't wait for the sequel!"  —Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestselling author of Talk Nerdy To Me and Overhexed

"Fun, frisky, and far-out! Jennifer Stevenson's writing is as naughty and irresistible as the dream lover trapped deep in the four-hundred-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets of this wicked brass bed!" —Julie Kistler, author of Just A Little Fling

"An out-and-out winner--fun characters, rollicking story, and fantastic sex! Stevenson has harvested the beautiful metaphors of her past work, putting to excellent service in this wacky tale. If Jasper Fforde wrote sizzling sex scenes, they would read like Stevenson's Hinky Brass Bed. Bravo!" —Mindy Klasky, bestselling author of Girl's Guide to Witchcraft.

"Once you get into The Hinky Brass Bed, you won't ever want to get out." —Phil and Kaya Foglio, Studio Foglio

"A perfect meld of humor, fantasy, and sex. Jewel Heiss is the sassy heroine I want to grow up to be!" —Cecilia Tan, editor of The Best Fantastic Erotica

"Jennifer Stevenson has penned a winner with The Hinky Brass Bed--a fast, sexy, laugh-out-loud romp filled with zany but endearing characters. Jewel Heiss has her hands full keeping a two-hundred-year-old sex demon, a con artist, her best friend, and her boss at least marginally under control while dealing with a genie with a penchant for good Drambuie liqueur, cigarette-stealing pigeons, and a mysterious pink fog hovering about Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. What's amazing is that Stevenson not only created these off-the-wall characters, she makes them work beautifully. Hot sex and hysterical humor. It doesn't get any better than this." —Kate Douglas, author of the Wolf Tales series

"Jennifer Stevenson's The Hinky Brass Bed is hip, hot, and highly imaginative. I want the sequel. (And I want the bed.)" —Harley Jane Kozak, author of Dating Dead Men

"Supernatural, sexy, tender, smart-ass, surprising, and funny as hell." —Nalo Hopkinson, author of Brown Girl in the Ring

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