Legacy of Darkness: Volume 3

Legacy of Darkness: Volume 3 Summary

The exciting conclusion to the Legacy Trilogy!

Just as I'm free from the clutches of evil, another challenge has arisen. Turns out, being a spell caster is a whole lot more than calling out my attacks.

With friends at my side, we continue to search for ways to defeat the ultimate evil threatening to destroy the world. And what better way than an exciting road trip! But travel costs money, and soon we find ourselves in a tight pinch.

Then in a country thousands of miles away, we land a job as bodyguards for an affluent group of siblings. That's all well and good, but then we face a series of trials one after another. Wait, that's not in the job description. But refusing the job would put our lives (and maybe the world) at risk!

If that's what's decided, then they'll have a fight on their hands.

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