The Coveted

The Coveted Summary

Held captive by the evil, illegitimate King of Aradia, Áine is forced to conceal her true magick or face certain death.

King Lucius shouldn’t have allowed her to live. But blinded by paranoia and arrogance, he has big plans for Áine and her coveted, ineffable power. With her life hanging in the balance, Áine finds herself making hard and fast decisions about who to trust—especially when it comes to her former trainer and fierce protector Daelon. With Daelon back at Lucius’s side as the Commander of the Guard, Áine struggles to see beyond his betrayal and to embrace the destiny they both share.

Lucius’s castle is a tapestry of pleasure, power, and darkness. Underneath the façade of decadence and beauty lies a dark history obscured by magickal binds, and Áine’s mission is to expose the truth before she, too, succumbs to Lucius’s dominance.

While working in the shadows to find allies, Áine falls deeper under the spell of life inside the golden, ethereal castle walls—and all the elites that call them home. And as she gets closer to understanding her purpose, she fears she isn’t the only one plotting in secret.

The Coveted is the addictive, fast-paced second installment in The Lost Witches of Aradia series. Grab a copy today and fall under Áine’s spell as she guides you on a compelling journey through her multidimensional reality.

Book Reviews

Asterin Moonbeam

But wait, there’s monsters!5 star

Gear up for an emotional rollercoaster of court intrigue, betrayal, secrets, and cosmic collisions. Maggie delivers again with exciting magical developments and sexy twists and turns. Her character development is very satisfying. She keeps you guessing at who the real villain actually is and how this mess started in the first place, tying in creatures from beyond the grave and other worlds entirely! Her characters’ deeply complex relationships that hit a little too close to home are definitely a hallmark of her storytelling. You’ll be able to see yourself in any number of her characters. Utterly brilliant.55


Wowowowow5 star

This is everything I’ve ever wanted in a book. This whole series. Magical, unique, dark, sexy, exciting, thoughtful.. the list just goes on. I hope Maggie NEVER stops writing. I’m completely entranced.55


Great story5 star

I’m loving these books!55


New Magickal Obsession5 star

Yet another win in this series. In the second installment of The Lost Witches of Aradia, we see many of the teasing plot points and characters from Book One develop. Stolen moments of passion, sparks of humanity in the coldest hearts, nature coming to life, sexual exploration, and forbidden community are only a few of the things to look forward to in Book 2. The thread of magick grows thicker as Aine discovers the scope of her gifts and how to control her astral projections. The author’s rich descriptions of Aradia and its citizens create a spark of whimsy on every page. Aine’s growth from Book One to Book Two is massive. Not only is she becoming more confident in her abilities, but also in her strength as a woman. She has finally accepted the power of her presence in Aradia. Her time in the castle has changed her and yet she still holds the same witty, sarcastic charm we all love. As with the first, I finished this book already filled with the hunger for more. This series portrays spirituality, fear, sexuality, grief, and power in a fresh way. I can’t wait to see what else develops as we move forward in the series!55


Another Beautiful Series Addition5 star

The second book in the Lost Witches of Aradia, this installment expounds on Áine’s journey within the witch realm in the wake of betrayal with a highly enchanting read. Believing there was no way to become even more immersed in all the series has to offer, it was moving to experience the layers the author has delved into with these characters. Against the backdrop of a steadying affirmation of the light on the other side of dark places, their paths provide readers with space for thoughtful reflection, tears, and laughter throughout. It’s beyond heartening to know not only that oft-overlooked audiences have stories that genuinely reach them like this now, but that motifs so commonly shied away from unfold here into such artistic narratives at that. A number of lines were extremely powerful and thought-provoking, for instance: “But love is not violent, I was told too late,” the depiction of a rose’s thorns as “harmless unless its natural boundaries weren’t respected,” and the nature of the witches’ elixir serving as a noticeable parallel to struggles with substance use. An underlying power of the novel, The Coveted uniquely possesses a special gift of realistically and meaningfully addressing serious social issues while creating an entirely original world of adventure that’s full of surprises. Given the strength of the series so far, I look forward to continuing to discover all of the magick it holds.55

Zombie/plant nut

More witchy shenanigans with Aine and Daelon.4 star

The Coveted is book two in the Lost Witches of Aradia series. This book is fast paced and we are introduced to a bunch of new characters while getting some much needed backstory and insight into our current heroes and villains. What are spoiled (yet still imprisoned) witches to do with their free time? Why, get doped up and have witchy sex parties of course and Aine has a front row seat. In between convincing Lucius that there is absolutely nothing going on between her and Daelon, and trying not to get swept up by supercharged magical influences, Aine still needs to find time to gain the knowledge she needs to save to world. Thankfully, book three is only a month away, because I need to have more of this intriguing world and it’s characters. Thank you, Maggie, for the opportunity to read this arc and post my unbiased review.45

Old guy in Fla


OMG‼️ I am totally addicted to Maggie Sunseri’s The Lost Witches of Aradia series & I highly recommend the story of Aine, a beautiful witch with astonishing powers who was recently whisked from her NYC home where her Mothers hid her away from harm & evil as a little girl❣️ She was transported with a spell chanted by Daelon, a handsome & strong shield witch from her home realm, unbeknownst to the evil King he serves‼️ Daelon has trained & protected her & as they’ve lived in his cabin, far from the castle, they became friends & fell in love❣️ Then cruel King Lucius summoned her presence to his dark, foul castle - both she & Daelon hope his jealousy of her natural powers won’t cause him to throw her in the dungeon, or worse‼️ Aine has been told to withhold her powers for the present! As his arrogance, suspicions & jealousy mount, King Lucius experiments with power transferring & threatens Aine’s life is she refuses to cooperate, almost killing her‼️👎. As Daelon worries she won’t survive, witches transport her to their coven where they chant & sing in the old way hoping to heal her with magic! They recognize her as the hope they’ve waited decades for & want to lend their support for her fight to free enslaved & imprisoned witches, restore the lands of their home realms, as well as balance the Universe, & remove King Lucius from his throne & the Kingdom of Aradia‼️ Will Aine & Daelon now travel to the Akashic Records to learn of Lucius’ history, of how he stole the throne, & from whence his evil powers come!? I thank Maggie for this delicious, exciting series & give a 5-star rating to The Coveted & I believe you’ll agree❣️ I can’t wait to see what Maggie has conjured up for her characters in her next book, The Illuminated‼️😱👍. Carol R. Florida 🤗🤗👍😱55

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