The Girl Who Called The Stars

The Girl Who Called The Stars Summary

They are hunting me. 

When a creature from another world attacks, I shouldn't be surprised. After all, I'm not human and they've been scouring the galaxies to find me. The fact that they managed to track me here is little more than an inconvenience for a girl who's lived her life on the run. 

Only this time, it's different. I'm caught off guard, far too busy dreaming of a stranger. 

No name. No face. But his eyes–they haunt me because they're all I remember of him. 

I'm a princess without a throne, running from an enemy who is scouring the galaxies for me—but those eyes are calling me home.

The Girl Who Called The Stars is the first in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy duology with action, mystery, and a love story that spans galaxies.

Book Reviews


Beautiful5 star

It was amazing to me. It gave me images of the girl who was taking action to defeat their enemies. I can’t wait to read the next one55

Malibu Moon

Too much of a bad thing!4 star

I liked the story but hated all the cursing! Just tell the story and leave all the other junk out!45

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