The Guardian Herd: Starfire

The Guardian Herd: Starfire Summary

Riders of the Realm author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez “will lift the reader on the wings of danger and destiny, magic and hope”* in this first book in an action-packed fantasy adventure series. Perfect for fans of the Warriors and Guardians of Ga’Hoole series.

Once every hundred years, a black foal is born, prophesied to either unite or destroy the five herds of winged horses that live in Anok—fated to become the most powerful Pegasus in all the land.

Star is this black foal.

Even though Star seems harmless because he’s unable to fly, the leaders of each herd aren’t willing take any risks. So, they plan to execute Star before his first birthday. With the threats against him mounting, Star must rely on his friends and the untapped power within to win an epic battle between good and evil.

* (New York Times bestselling author Peter Lerangis)

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Starfire5 star

A must read for any fans of the Warriors series, horse lovers, and people who love action and adventure! ❤️55


Love this book!❤️5 star

I love this book so much! It is probably my favorite book since the Hunger Games and coming from me that is saying something. This book is a lot LESS depressing then the Hunger game. I just love this book so much!!!!!!55

Foufouf pony lover

Its ok5 star

I think the story line is amazing and super exciting my one complaint is how awful the stallions are, they act like mares and fillies are tradable things instead of living horses, it’s really awful.55

[ InsertNickname ]

Nice4 star

If Erin Hunter made a series about horses this would be it chief lol My only complaint is that it feels a bit short.45

Jetta the Pegasus

Highly recommend5 star

This series is one of the best you can possibly get- especially if you like series like Warriors or Wolves of the Beyond. Whether you’re coming back to this series or just starting it, you’ll be in for a treat.55

Ruby caroline chapman

The best book in the world!5 star

I love this book and series so much, in fact I zoomed right through all four books in less than a month, in other words I devoured them! If you are looking for a book or series I totally recommend this to you!55

Horses #1 Animal

❤️ IT5 star

HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan of this series!!! I reread them all the time! The first four books... I can't explain my love for them!55


I ❤️star5 star

I love this book so much I named my toy horses after them.Ex:sweetroot ,star ,and silvercloud .55

1# Grammy

Love it!5 star

I love this series!!!! It's so detailed! And the plot is so good, I wish I could be a Pegasi in the series it's so amazing and descriptive! Thank you Jennifer for imagining and writing to help make it real, your books are amazing and I can't wait to read every last one written! I am huge fan of the Guardian Herd! :) XD55


Omg I love your book5 star

I really loved this book and I'm so happy you made book 2 and is making book 3 can't wait 😆55

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