The Hunted

The Hunted Summary

Áine and Daelon believe they’ve escaped to freedom, but Lucius has marked Áine as his and promises it’s only a matter of time before he makes his claim.

Iciera is a land untouched by the Shadow King’s evil reign, and Áine and Daelon must convince the witches who live there that joining the fight for Aradia’s restoration is the only way it will remain protected. Despite being plagued by nightmares and worry for the allies and friends they left behind, Áine and Daelon find themselves embraced by the Icieran people. While they train for the battles to come, they must also prepare for the lengths that Lucius will go to make Áine his Queen.

As Daelon discovers just how deep his bond with Áine runs, Lucius works tirelessly to convince Áine that it is the connection between the two of them that’s truly the strongest force in the universe.

The Hunted is the addictive, fast-paced fourth installment in The Lost Witches of Aradia series. Grab a copy today and fall under Áine’s spell as she guides you through a compelling journey through her multidimensional reality.

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LOVE5 star

i LOVEEEEE this series i literally finished 1-3 in a few days and when the hunted came out it was done within the night😭 i cant wait for the next bookkkk this is currently my favorite series55

Asterin Moonbeam

Change in the winds5 star

Wow! I am absolutely blown away by this installment of LWOA. It’s refreshing to see the community-centric culture of the Appalachians represented well in fantasy writing. New characters bring warmth and humor and a sense of family Áine hadn’t really seen yet in Aradia. She and Daelon finally have a chance to catch their breath, heal, and rally the other witches in hiding. My favorite knight in shining armor gets a special shout out and a teaser for where our friends are heading next. I have to say, I’m also super into the new romantic developments and possible trio developing with our main characters!! Can’t wait to read the next book!!55


Perfect5 star

The Hunted is a beautiful development in this series, crafted in a way that provides characters’ stories and insight into their qualities in depth without sacrificing the action components that are equally central to the books. Through contrasting the witch realm to human societies, the darker issues within the latter are expertly illuminated to reveal compassionate wisdom surrounding notions of shame and belonging, without shying away from discussing the level of mental health struggles where “the burden of darker visions just proved to be too much.” A favorite Jiddu Krishnamurti quote of mine was featured in this vein, something that seems extremely rare for the genre. It’s the most unique of surprises like these that bring fantasy while holding an important grasp on the real world that serve as part of why the author’s writing establishes such a setting of intellect and hope. For anyone who wonders where their place is, this novel seems to effortlessly create one. Many of readers’ questions about the history and culture of Aradia are answered as well, offering a lighter vision of inclusiveness in the process as an encouraging model for all those who have felt the weight of its absence.55

Old guy in Fla


OMG‼️. I believe that Maggie Sunseri writes The Lost Witches of Aradia novels with her whole heart & soul as she so beautifully paints her characters & the various landscapes of Iciera so that we, her readers, see it as she does❣️🥰👏. Aine & Daelon have escaped evil King Lucius’s castle of shadows, death, enslavement, & the torture of thousands of captured witches after having destroyed their covens & villages from existence‼️ Our loving couple survived their long journey to freedom after being saved from freezing to death in a raging blizzard & helped to a warm home owned by Prairie, a young & beautiful witch, who later introduces then to Ruth & Jesco (Coven Priestess & Priest), Meredith, Skye & Alejandro, two feisty teenage girls, & a precocious little girl of five - all becoming close friends & allies while they recuperate, gain permission to stay in Iciera to tell their horrific stories of the Shadow King, to ask them to train for battle & to be their allies against Lucius - to save the realm, the Universe, & free the witches, restore & return all lands to its covens, & to finally live in freedom & peace in Aradia with the assist of powers gifted to Aine by the Godesses for this specific purpose‼️ As they rest, Aine & Daelon spend time they never had before getting to know one another & fall more deeply in love!❤️. They’ve made many friends & learned to laugh & feel free as never before❣️👍. Lucius, of course, interferes in the astrals, continuing to claim Aine as his Queen! She uses her powers to refuse & escape time & again, but the King is getting desperate & reckless‼️ He opens a portal & brings havoc to Iciera in the form of wolves‼️ Grab your copy of The Hunted by Ms Sunseri to discover the Shadow King’s next horrifying act of evil toward them‼️👎. I’m sure you’ll agree with my 5-star rating! Enjoy‼️👏. I can’t wait to read Book 5, The Scorned, to find out what Maggie has up her sleeve for Aine, Daelon, their allies, king Lucius & the future of Aradia‼️ I highly recommend The Hunted - in case you missed my enthusiasm‼️😀. Carol R. Florida Sent from my iPad55

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