Underlord Summary

Kira Lier thought she had escaped Underland and the monsters within, but her freedom was only an illusion, an extravagant lie created by the Underlords to keep her imprisoned. To break free and find Zeke and her friends, she teams up with Allyn, a mysterious young mage with a dangerous past.
When a bounty is put on their heads, she becomes the hunted, for the Underlords won’t let her slip through their grasp. She has been chosen by the Fates to save Underland because their world is dying, and their only hope lies in Kira surviving the deadliest game… the Labyrinth.

Book Reviews


Disappointing ending3 star

I was really invested in this story and was really loving it. I was disappointed by the ending. I felt like things didn’t get resolved at the end and that it was rushed through. I also felt like maybe it should have been a trilogy.35


A proper ending5 star

The second book of the Underland series didn’t disappoint and was an amazing conclusion to the characters I fell for in the first book55


Underlord3 star

This book was a good conclusion to an interesting and unique series, but I just have to be honest and say this was probably my least favorite series by Hahn. Still a good story though.35


New editor needed3 star

Who is editing this author's books? They are doing a terrible job! There are mistakes on almost every page. It's extremely annoying.35


Great Read4 star

Loved this series, but I really want an epilogue!45


Underlords5 star

Loved it wanted a bit more drama but loved it.55

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