Warpaint Summary

Mistakes were made.

Hindsight is 20/20, but when bloodsuckers attacking your spaceship's hull, that's not helpful. You can tell yourself, "Next time, accept the lap dance, and turn down the "easy" job.

Cady did it the other way round, thinking that rescuing her client's several vacationing wives from a fancy resort would be simple and quick, and would pay her enough to keep her spaceship flying at least long enough to get another job.

But no. She's not that lucky.

She doesn't just discover the wreck of the resort.
Not just the ruination of the little vacation moon.

Oh, no...

She discovers a time-bomb that will result in the annihilation of humankind across all of settled space when it ticks down to...


Could you save humankind? Can she?

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