A Friend in Need

A Friend in Need Summary

Reeling from his first break-up, Glen jumps headlong into a new relationship and sees his life spin out of control.
Glen struggles to figure out how to act around Nicole, who is now dating Charlie, and Nicole’s best friend, Joyce, who Glen is now dating. At the same time, he looks for ways to encourage Luke, who’s recovering from a very serious accident, and tries to avoid Marta, who needs more help than he can offer. As if he doesn’t have enough going on, Glen wonders if the anonymous letters he’s getting are a prank or something more sinister.
Meanwhile, Nicole wonders if she’s made a mistake, and begins to question what she’s been taught by her church.
In the end, with the help of their small group, Glen and Nicole learn that a real friend is someone who has experienced your faults and imperfections, and sticks with you anyway.

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