Betrayal of the Trinity Knot

Betrayal of the Trinity Knot Summary

Set in 1938 and very much in the spirit of John Buchan and Arthur Conan Doyle, Betrayal of the Trinity Knot is a story that not only gives a unique insight into the threats of conspiracy and subterfuge by foreign agents in the final year before the outbreak of the Second World War, it is also a story of the naivety and blindness of a nation not willing to accept that the unthinkable could happen again. And intertwined within this trail of intrigue is the inner scrutiny by the unlikely heroof his doubts and uncertainties about the determined path he had been drawn into following. So what began as a relaxing break from his business in Bristol, England, merely to visit his friend, the local vicar of a peaceful parish on Exmoor, ended up for our hero being warned. In no uncertain terms that his story must never be told, that it is not in the national interest. Irrevocably linked within these events is the betrayal of the sacred meaning behind a mysterious, ancient Celtic symbol. But now, after more than seventy years, the previously undisclosed truth about this small piece of hidden history has been unearthed in a manuscript concealed away in an old wooden chest. Even so, it is more than certain that the official records will still be gathering dust in some secret government vault.

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