Crunch Time

Crunch Time Summary

“A cross between Mary Higgins Clark and Betty Crocker.”
—Baltimore Sun

“The Julia Child of mystery writers.”
—Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

No one cooks up a tastier stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem than New York Times bestselling author Diana Mott Davidson. Entertainment Weekly calls her “today’s foremost practitioner of the culinary whodunit.” And now it’s Crunch Time, as Davidson’s delightful series protagonist, caterer and amateur sleuth-extraordinaire Goldy Schulz, digs into a deadly smorgasbord that includes a heaping helping of murder, a double dose of arson…and nine adorable beagle puppies!

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Crunch time and more4 star

Years ago I read each Diane Mott Davidson suspense novel as they came out. Then, I realized recently, I fell away from the series. And I missed Goldy, Arch and the various characters and villians that are cooked up in her novels. I felt like I was intro- duced to an old friend when I picked up Crunch Time. Familiar with Davidson's novels, I naturally started at the back of the book, checking out the recipes and puzzling over when they'd appear in her latest book. Great recipes, as always, and because I like the author's pacing, her humor and the banter that develops between her husband Tom and friend Marla, it was, all in all, a good and chewy read for me.45


Fun read!5 star

I love Diane Mott Davidson's humor and sense of adventure, not to mention her recipes! I have followed Goldy for several years, and even though you know she will come out ok, you just don't know all the details until she wraps it all up at the end. Goldy is impulsive, much to the chagrin of her ever patient husband. She's independent and unafraid, and yet vulnerable at the same time. Thank you, Diane for the great stories. I wish these books would be developed as a tv series. It's the kind of thing I would watch!55


Missgrossie1 star

This book is ridiculously bad! I enjoyed her first few books but they just keep getting worse and worse. Maybe she is letting her children write them for her now? The "plot" is pointless and all of the "action" is so farfetched. I can't believe that this book made it through the editing process, it is very amateurish.15

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