From Faking to Forever

From Faking to Forever Summary

A fake marriage requires a fake husband.
This is the one small problem preventing Shay Donovan from becoming the sole beneficiary of her great-aunt's fortune.

The money would help with the medical bills for her father's illness, except that she has no husband, she isn't engaged, and there is no boyfriend in sight.
But what better candidate to select than the man who saved her life?

Blake Kennedy, a local factory owner, has spoken to Shay Donovan on many occasions.
He's not interested in romantic liaisons, but the cute, funny and bespectacled recruitment consultant is a good reason for him to attend the monthly business meetings.

But when Shay asks him to marry her, he can't quite believe his luck.
And when she tells him she's only looking for a fake husband, he jumps at the opportunity to help her.

But living together, faking marriage and trying to hide his feelings doesn't come easily.

Especially when Shay has her eyes set on another man.

Can they fake it for the money, or will the pressure get too much?

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