Great Books: Volume One

Great Books: Volume One Summary

Great Books is inspired by a curriculum and a book list, as well as a method of education. Mortimer Adler lists three criteria for including a book on the list:

1. the book has contemporary significance; that is, it has relevance to the problems and issues of our times;
2. the book is inexhaustible; it can be read again and again with benefit;
3. the book is relevant to a large number of the great ideas and great issues that have occupied the minds of thinking individuals for the last 25 centuries.

Includes active table of contents. Authors include:

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison:
The Federalist Papers

Charles Dickens:
David Copperfield
Hard Times
The Pickwick Papers

Daniel Defoe:
Robinson Crusoe

Desiderius Brasmus:
The Praise of Folly

Edmund Spenser:
The Faerie Queen

Francois Rabelais:
Gargantua and Pantagruel

Geoffrey Chaucer:
The Canterbury Tales

Herman Melville:
Moby Dick

The Iliad
The Odyssey

Jane Austen:
Pride and Predjudice

Jonathan Swift:
A Modest Proposal
Gullivers Travels

Leonardo da Vinci:
The Notebooks

Marcus Aurelius:

Mark Twain:
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Michel de Montaigne:

Miguel de Cervantes:
Don Quixote

St. Augustine:

William Congreve: The Way of the World

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Pride and Prejudice


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Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice
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