Invisible Monsters: A Novel

Invisible Monsters: A Novel Summary

"A harrowing, perverse, laugh-aloud funny rocket ride of catastrophes…Gutsy, terse and cunning, Invisible Monsters may emerge as Palahniuk’s strongest book." —Greg Berkman, Seattle Times

She’s a fashion model who has everything: a boyfriend, a career, a loyal best friend. But when a sudden freeway "accident" leaves her disfigured and incapable of speech, she goes from being the beautiful center of attention to being an invisible monster, so hideous that no one will acknowledge she exists. Enter Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, one operation away from becoming a real woman, who will teach her that reinventing yourself means erasing your past and making up something better. And that salvation hides in the last places you’ll ever want to look.

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Don’t waste your time or money1 star

The story tried way too hard to be edgy. It was over indulgence on a cosmic level.It was exhausting to finish. I’m glad it’s over with!15


Literally my favorite book of all time5 star

Captivating, inspiring, takes you into the world of the princess brandy alexander55


Invisible monsters4 star

Hard to follow at times but overall good read. Read it in 2 days45


Amazing!!5 star

When I finished this book, I threw it across my bedroom. Then I proceeded to pick it up and reread it. It was THAT good.55


Awesome!5 star

This may just be my new favorite book of all time. It's incredible!55

Sean Casey

Review4 star

Amazing book, one of his best.45


Classic Palahniuk5 star

Chuck's first book, the one that publishers said was too disturbing to print so he came back to them with Fight Club. If only they'd known what was coming down the pipe! Fast read, scandalous, wicked and biting, it's by far my favorite Palahniuk book.55


Incredible5 star

Wow, one of my favorites. So many twists and turns, totally twisted. A must read!55


Disturbing & Fabulous!5 star

Disturbing & Fabulous!55


💛💙💜💚❤5 star

So twisted just like fight club!55

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