Marius' Mules II: The Belgae

Marius' Mules II: The Belgae Summary

57BC. The fearsome Belgae have gathered a great army to oppose Rome, and Fronto and the legions assemble once more to take Caesar's war against the most dangerous tribes in the northern world. While the legions battle the Celts in the fiercest war of Caesar's career, the plots and conspiracies against him, both at Rome and among his own army, become ever deeper and more dangerous.

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Great follow up to Book One!5 star

This was a really good read and did a nice job weaving history with fictionalized adventure. The editing has issues, but all in all an entertaining book, worth the time. The maps were excellent to augment the story.55


Good read5 star

If you like historical fiction about Rome and Caesar you will enjoy this book just fine.55

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