No Love Like Nantucket

No Love Like Nantucket Summary

She built the Sweet Island Inn. But can Toni Benson build a life of happiness for herself?

Toni Benson’s life has been a roller coaster.
Years ago, the heartbreak caused by a cheating ex-husband left her in tatters.
Then she discovered the run-down fixer-upper that would become the Sweet Island Inn.
For a while, things were good.

But when her brother Henry’s tragic death sends her reeling all over again, she’s back to square one.
So she sets off on an overseas journey, in hopes of learning from scratch what kind of woman she is meant to be.

She wasn’t looking for love.
But it found her anyways.

Follow Toni’s journey as the Nantucket native navigates an explosive romance, an unbearable tragedy, and the prospect of starting life anew in her late fifties.

In the end, only one thing is certain: there is no love like her love for Nantucket.

Travel back to the very beginnings of the Sweet Island Inn and follow along with the soaring highs and heartbreaking lows of Aunt Toni’s story in NO LOVE LIKE NANTUCKET, the fourth installment of author Grace Palmer’s beloved Sweet Island Inn series.

Book Reviews


No love like Nantucket4 star

Book was ok but confusing. Who and exactly where is she going to end up??? Not a great ending.45

1 Banker

Ok read3 star

I did not like the way the story flipped back & forth in time with each chapter. It felt too disjointed to me. And the ending left me completely unsatisfied. Unfinished. I won’t buy any more from this series.35


Lovely!4 star

Great read. Going back and forth was not bad, would have preferred the order of the ending (before and now) be switched. Finding love when you least expect, where you least expect it and with whom, was just great! Awesome read!!45


No Love Like Nantucket5 star

I don’t normally read these types of books. This was an ok book and I mostly enjoyed reading it. Thanks k55

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