Sergeant Sexypants

Sergeant Sexypants Summary

Bree Bracelyn doesn't date cops. That's a problem, since I am one. Also, I might be in love with her.

But Bree's got a secret I can't figure out. Most folks lace up their goody two-shoes around cops, but Bree's don't fit quite right. There's a story there, but she's guarding it like a tiger with a pet zebra.

And yeah, I know the guy jockeying for police chief should steer clear of a woman with skeletons in her closet, but I can't stay away. I'll find any excuse to visit the resort she owns with her siblings, even trotting out my charming pup, Virginia Woof. I'm not proud.

Between hot springs hookups and grope-fests in my car, Bree's breaking her no-cops rule six ways to Sunday, and I'm grateful. But what'll it take to coax out her secret and convince her I'm not here to slap the cuffs on her? 

Not unless she asks me to.

Book Reviews


Sargent Sexypants5 star

A funny and good book55

Clean romancer

Sergeant sexypants5 star

So fun. Loved it.55


5 stars5 star

Solid example of the genre55

i luv reading

Sgt Sexy Pants4 star

Delightful small town love story. Love multi generational plot lines, pets, comedic writing, abd the promise of more couples to come.45


Storyline drags1 star

I couldn’t finish the second chapter. Moved way too slow15

Crazy not lazy

Sergeant Sexy Pants5 star

I enjoyed reading this books and didn’t want to put it down. Great characters and great setting.55


Sergeant Sexypants5 star

Great read55

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Ssssssssssxaxx x4 star

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Sergeant Schultz

Cute title!5 star

Love the story. All of the authors’ books are so endearing and the quirky characters are definitely likable. A fun read.55


Seargent Sexypants5 star

This is about the sixth book of yours I’ve read and I love all of them. I enjoy your style of writing; your attention to detail, excellent grammar, sense of humor that often makes me laugh out loud. You are a gifted author, in my opinion, and Im looking forward to reading more your your books.55

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