Sisters from Philly

Sisters from Philly Summary

Priscilla “Prissy” Wilkes made it her personal mission to break the chains of dependency of social services for her and her two sisters, Mocha and Jazz. She was going to make sure they didn’t contribute or join the ranks of teenage pregnancy. She wouldn’t allow herself or her sisters get lured by the materialistic things that the drug dealers could provide for them. Most young ladies in the hood found it flattering to have drug dealers peeking on them and desiring them, but not Prissy. She would shut them down as soon as they tried to get out of their lane. Their mother was the product of someone getting caught up with a midlevel drug dealer, and all she got out of the deal were three daughters by three different drug dealers. Well, they may look alike with their honey complexion, slightly bowed legs, and natural provocative walk, but that was the extent of it. She was going to put into action what was constantly being reiterated to her.

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