Summon the Heroes

Summon the Heroes Summary

As Valusha, Kokoro, the princess of Candrah, wandered the Anchorage without regard for anyone but herself. All that changed on her wedding day when an exile, a former general from the prison world Nemesis, Shikisha Shippai, attacked. Forced through a unstable space-time portal, she crashed onto Akamon, the world below, a millenia later. Her first discovery, a prophecy that declared that she would die if she sought to rule. So she hid. She lived a lie about who she was unaware that a delicate balance broke the day she vanished. One that had to be restored soon or total destruction would fall on both worlds. So with her immortal father, her friend Naiusa and an unlikely ally Tolaris, she begins the journey of restoration. One that changes everyone it meets, and everything it touches. For without the heroes of old, the Yatsarim, there is only dark failure. It is time to Summon the Heroes!

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