The Cowboy Megapack

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The Cowboy Megapack collection 25 tales of western adventure, including two complete novels and 23 short stories! Authors represented included Johnston McCulley (creator of Zorro), Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian), Clarence E. Mulford (creator of Hopalong Cassidy), and many more. The western tales are:

“A Texan Rides the Trouble Trail,” by Johnston McCulley
“Sixguns to Bowie,” by Robert J. Hogan
“The Drive,” by Clarence E. Mulford
“Thieves of Black Rock Desert,” by Bill Anson
“Long Sam Jumps the Devil,” by Lee Bond
“Gun-Whipped!,” by Carmony Gove
“Easy Money,” by Ben Frank
“The Trail Trap,” by T. W. Ford
Ride Proud, Rebel!, by Andre Norton
“Long Sam Collects,” by Lee Bond
“Mitigating Circumstances,” by Lon Williams
“Night of the Thirteenth,” by J. Allan Dunn
“A Lonely Ride,” by Bret Harte
“Trumpets West!” by Luke Short
“Pay Out West
The Virginian, by Owen Wister
“The Spirit of the Range,” by B. M. Bower
“Mountain Man,” by Robert E. Howard
“Guns of the Mountains,” by Robert E. Howard
“Don’t Frame a Red Head,” by Clarence E. Mulford
“Ranger Out of Bounds,” by Johnston McCulley
“Ranger Style,” by J. Allan Dunn
“Plumb Amusing,” by Jackson Cole
“Long Sam’s Singing Six-Guns,” by Lee Bond

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The Western Megapack


The Western Megapack
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The Mark of Zorro
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