The Depths of Shallow Living

The Depths of Shallow Living Summary

This is a poignant story of Isaac Porter, a man with all the trappings of success who struggles with the systematic dismantling of all he has accomplished. After a brutal injury, Isaac finds his life and all that he believed in coming apart. Isaac's video production company is the center of attention with budding artists trying to make it big in the industry. Isaac uses discernment and wisdom gleaned on the streets to identify true talent and navigate the risks of inner city culture. Although Isaac has been crushed emotionally and financially in love he continues to look for a meaningful and lasting relationship. This story depicts a man's turmoil and his overriding spiritual quest for direction and purpose. Isaac Porter learns to live by faith, which sustains him through the many obstacles and trials he faces. This is a heartfelt story of the many places and people Isaac comes across in his journey.

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