The House of Frogs

The House of Frogs Summary

The Frog who said he was God is due back to wipe out  mankind! Trouble is, only Daniel Lightfoot, best selling author and inmate of Grenville Psyshiatric Prison knows it! Not that Danny gives a toad's left gonad if Angstville croaks in a biblical flood; 'See! It's a ravaged, overheating wasteland; run by corrupt politicians, seedy lawyers, fat cat banks and greedy multinationals. Hellish spawn of a genetic blueprint created seven milleninia ago in Stalag Eden by that double dealing Fallen Angel, Mr Ameazak!' No, Danny wants out! To escape the flood and begin again in a world cleansed of angst. Frolic naked in the verdant paradise that was earth; before those slimy, sleazy, political frogs stuck their noses in! And hey! He's got himself a cunning stratagem. See! He don't just want out; he wants pay back! Question is, who's really mad? Danny, or is it perhaps the world?

The House of Frogs is a comic, sometimes tragic account of life in the Twenty-first Century. A satirical portrayal of the hypocrisy of the world's corrupt, political elite. Those who misgovern an angst filled world of financial disasters, expense scandals and failed social policies. Truly, a tale of our times!

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