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«Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (1865-1948) was an English author and politician, famous mostly for his novel The Four Feathers (1902), adapted for several films. An alumni of Trinity College, Oxford, he published his first novel A Romance of Wastdale in 1895. During his literary career Mason wrote over twenty books, including a series featuring his well-known character – French detective, Inspector Hanaud, and a short story The Conjurer, contributed to The Queen's Book of the Red Cross. He died in 1948, working on his non-fiction book about Admiral Robert Blake.

First published in 1920, Mason's book The Summons tells the story of Captain Harry Lutrell. Grown fat, Lutrell lives a miserable life full of regrets, fears and boredom, when appears an excellent opportunity to start a new life – the Olympic Games in Cairo! But is Lutrell ready to leave England? For the woman he is very attached to stays there...

A classic example of Mason's simply excellent style, the book is a real treasure! Do you want to be carried away by the fascinating events of The Summons? Then download the book and enjoy the reading!»

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