A Very Hairy Little Monster

A Very Hairy Little Monster Summary

When it comes to little monster hair, Kevin has the best mop in all of Rubbish Town. He's been crowned 'Greatest Hair' 28 consecutive times at the Rubbish Town Fair and if things go well today, he'll make it 29!

Come and see Kevin at the 'Greatest Hair' award ceremony - what could possibly go wrong...

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Amazing5 star

Good book for little. Children55

shsgsuhdudfundgefjry :)

Cool book5 star

Iā€™m a little kid and I love this book soooooo much55


How do I get a job5 star

I love you bye55


Kids live it5 star

Nice animations to go with words.55


A very hairy little monster2 star

It's a really funny book and I enjoyed it25


The very hairy little monster4 star

I love this book you should read this book it really funny!šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜˜šŸ†45


A bad book!!!!!!!!!!!!2 star

Not for kids25

Elephant lover!! 25543A

Awesome5 star

I love it!but I wish there was more.i like this awesome cool story book.My fav part Is wen he combs his hair 134 times each morning!!55


Cute!5 star

Really cute book. Great illustrations.55

Very hairy monster

A very hairy little monster5 star

Kevin is very hairy, yet he has beautiful hair. Kevin has always gotten a award for the best hair. And it happens to be the day for when they give the best hair award. Kevin happens to see his best friends Patrick and arty. Patrick likes going on the big slides, and arty likes the haunted house, though he is a little bit scared. Then later Patrick got a very sticky piece of Cotten candy, and it was a big piece of it too! Patrick is going to bump into Kevin! OH NO!!!!!! He bumped into Kevin, and they are going to start the ceramony. Then once Kevin goes up he is still a mess. Then all the judges start doing that hair style. Then they say that Kevin is the winner. The end!!!!!!!!!55

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