Lollygag Summary

Lollygag, by Robert West, is an engaging and powerful story.  Based on his experiences working on a real-life wagon train with VisionQuest, an innovative program for at-risk teens, Robert witnessed firsthand that adversity and the healing power of the animals, especially the mules provided troubled teens with a path of honor that allowed them to heal and to turn their lives around.  VisionQuest founder Bob Burton called the VQ mules “our best therapists”.  Robert has captured perfectly the spirit of his experience on the wagon train and the joy in seeing traumatized children find positive rites of passage to adulthood. 
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VisionQuest is a nationally recognized company that has touched the lives of over 80,000 at risk teens.  Started in 1973 by Bob Burton and Steve Rogers, VisionQuest was founded on the premise that at-risk youth need positive rites of passage in order to make the successful transition into adulthood and to break the cycle of failure created by a broken juvenile system.  In the 1970’s through the 1990’s VisionQuest’s core programs included, wagon trains, sailing on tall ships and wilderness experiences designed to provide teen with these extraordinary experiences. 

Although a changing child welfare and juvenile system no longer supports this type of programming VisionQuest remains committed to providing at-risk teens the safety and stability they lack in their lives using trauma-informed and evidence-based programming.  VisionQuest currently operates residential and community-based programs in 5 states.

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