Phonics my Lego Alphabet Book

Phonics my Lego Alphabet Book Summary

About these books:
This group of books is aimed at helping you teach your child how to read leading on to
using phonics. The author is dyslectic and wishes all parents worldwide to be able to
teach their child how to read using phonics giving them a head start for life, the books
are aimed to be affordable to all and are available in e book format.

About the stages:
There are seven stages aimed to help you help your child to learn to read using phonics working
with your support in a fun way. The books use worksheets, games and interaction with you to
help your child read with confidence.

STAGE 1 – A series of picture books to discuss, spot the difference and enjoy. Age 2-3
STAGE 2 – Your alphabet, First Words, Opposites. Age 3-4
STAGE 3 – Early phonics, What do I say? My new words, Shapes and colors and games. Age 4-5
STAGE 4 – Easy phonics, picture books and games. Age 4-5
STAGE 5 – More phonics, picture books and games. Age 4-6
STAGE 6 - Complex phonics, Popular stories and practice sheets. Age 5-7
STAGE 7 – All about books, fables and other stories. Age 5-7

Look out for Numbers4Chidren and Writing4Children.

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还行4 star



Great read with your child3 star

My son loves Legos and this is fun for him to look at all the Lego creations. Great free find. However, the book tries to teach left and right but the arrows are reversed. I am there to correct my son, but it would screw up kids who follow the arrow to the wrong answers. Also, as a teacher, we teach that the b says /b/ NOT buh... That's two sounds: /b/ and /uh/, I know the author was trying to find a way to show when to prompt parents to pronounce the sound for their child, but that will mess children up buhaduh when they try blending sounds.35


Awsome!!!!!!,5 star

It's the best child's book I love Legos !!!!!!!55


I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I like how they have it in abc order.55


Good book5 star

I love Legos it's very fun and cool and I have Lego ninjas from lego ninjago55

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