Save the Cat!® Blake's Blogs

Save the Cat!® Blake's Blogs Summary

From 2005 until his death in 2009, Blake Snyder wrote his 3 best-selling Save the Cat!® books along with 209 blogs on the Save the Cat!® website. The 112 blog posts in this book have been carefully curated and edited from Blake’s originals. We have selected posts that we believe are timeless, resonating as powerfully today as on the day Blake wrote them. In addition, we’ve created 10 chapters in which we’ve bundled posts according to categories, to simplify your search for the information, encouragement and enthusiasm that were Blake’s hallmarks: 
Ideas and Concepts
Titles and Loglines
The Pitch
Going Pro
Also included are photos that have never before been published. 
Enjoy these meaningful and helpful lessons in screenwriting… and life.

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