Cambridge Latin Course (4th Ed) Unit 2 Stage 16

Cambridge Latin Course (4th Ed) Unit 2 Stage 16 Summary

Brings Latin to life!
Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2 Stage 16 includes Model Sentences, Latin stories, and information about the language and cultural background, plus an exciting range of multimedia activities designed to support teaching and learning Latin, including introductory videos, audio dramatizations of all stories and Model Sentences and interactive activities.

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Fantastic5 star

Absolutely amazing never better maybe one of the best books ever definitely take Latin (jk idrk)55


I need help1 star

This book makes no sense if your seeing this don’t take Latin #deadlanguage15


Brughhhh1 star

This is so hard I’m doing good on tests cuz my teachers good but i mean the latin in this book is IMPOSSIBLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!15

He's a sniper

To much Latin1 star

I’m looking for a Spanish book and this unhelpful15

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