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Lawsuits. Scandals. Billion-dollar payouts. Giant plastic Stratocasters. Welcome to the weird, wild and whacked-out world of music video games: Every bit as glorious and gonzo as the legendary bands and songs that inspired its hard-partying ways. Rocking its way to the top of the charts faster than any genre before, music and rhythm gaming had become a $1.7 billion industry and breakout hit by 2008. But despite transforming pop culture, the category had all but single-handedly sunk the game industry's fortunes just a year later. Chronicling the meteoric rise and fall of music video games, Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming's Greatest Hits of All Time is the first book to explore the field's history, and most spectacular hits and flops. Features: Hundreds of Music Gaming's Greatest Hits and Misses / The Making of Guitar Hero and Rock Band / Complete Genre History. "Cementing gaming's role in music's evolution, Steinberg has done pop culture a laudable service." - Nick Catucci, Rolling Stone

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