"Beginners" How to Grow Garden Tomatoes

"Beginners" How to Grow Garden Tomatoes Summary

IMPORTANT: This book contains a lot of wonderful gardening pictures and words contained along side of them that might not be counted in the print length. There are 74 pages in this book.

You can be a successful gardener of tomatoes. Fresh, delicious and nutritious tasting fruits can be taken from the garden to your table for your family and you to enjoy.

As a beginner, you will learn common sense ways to grow tomatoes. You will find out about the most common types of harmful diseases and critters.

Wonderful photos further show what words have a hard time doing; visually expressing the life cycle of your tomatoes.

Not everyone can have a full-fledged garden. They do not have enough space. Many though, have balconies or porches where beautiful tomatoes can thrive. This 'From the Dirt Up' Series is for beginner gardeners with plenty of space. It is also for ones with limited areas. Enjoy!

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